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The Choir




NOVA VOCE is a community based choral ensemble of female voices, performing concerts of short-form classical music in the Charlotte, NC area.  NOVA VOCE brings to the Charlotte area exceptional quality and programming of women choral singers encouraging development of their individual gifts and talents.  NOVA VOCE is also dedicated to promoting educational opportunities for high school and college students interested in pursuing choral singing and directing.

Each concert program reflects a range in classical music from the early sacred music of the Middle Ages to 16th through 19th century secular and sacred European selections to classical adaptations of folk songs to modern classical choral compositions.  The elements of each program are carefully assembled to lead the
audience through a range of experience, including inspiration, insight, reflection, reverence and celebration.  The desired end result of the program is for the Charlotte community to be transcended through choral music heights that “lift the soul”; for the community to be gifted with excellence in choral singing; and for the musicians to enhance their gifts and talents.

A Board of Directors is responsible for the management and operation of NOVA VOCE.  NOVA VOCE has 501(c)3 status with the IRS.  Sources of income have been through membership dues, ticket and CD sales, donations and numerous volunteer hours.

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